Hybrid Solar Units

Hybrid Solar Units

We’ve designed and engineered a specific flat roof solar PV and wind solution which can be used as a single hybrid system or multiple hybrid system on any flat roof. This can also be combined with energy storage.

The Hybrid units use low-profile solar panels that are built into the existing roof structure. They are suitable for the majority of installation locations, including urban houses as well as environmentally sensitive sites such as National Parks and rural locations.

Complimentary With Solar PV

Hybrid Harmony

To maximise power generation across the whole year, RidgeBlade® turbines provide power output at night and in winter months when solar panels are less active.


Solar PV


RidgeBlade Rotor Units RB1 / RB2
Capacity RB1 / RB2
On/Off grid capabilities Grid tied, or smart grid capable, micro grid, off grid (battery system compatible)
Mounting Universal solar unistrut roof racking or proprietary RB hybrid mounting system
Partner Network

Accredited Partner Network

RidgeBlade® relies on a network of Accredited Partners to distribute and install all of our turbine systems. Find your nearest Accredited Partner or how to join our network.

RB1 Residential


The RB1 Residential is a compact, lightweight and quiet wind turbine ideal for residential applications.

RB2 Commercial

RB2 Commercial

The RB2 Commercial is a modular, high output and low profile wind turbine ideal for commercial applications.

RidgeBlade® SWPVH

Hybrid Solar Unit

The Hybrid Solar Units have all of the benefits of the base RidgeBlade® turbines, with the added output of solar PV systems.