How It Works

Aeolian Wind Focus Effect

Using the existing surface area of a pitched roof, the RidgeBlade® collects and focuses the prevailing wind harnessing the Aeolian wind focus effect. This is where the wind is forced to travel over the roof surface and forms a pinch point at the roof ridge, accelerating the airflow through the turbine.

As a result, measured wind speed around the ridge can be just over three times the actual wind speed. Placing the turbine in this high flow area means that up to nine times the energy is available to it compared to a HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine) system.


Wind Speed Multipliers

Wind Speed Multipliers

Unique Design, Unique Performance

The unique design of RidgeBlade® allows for consistent power generation even in turbulent wind conditions. The RidgeBlade® uses advanced aerodynamics to prevent noise in operation, and is designed to self-limit the speed of the rotor through its unique patented aerodynamic properties.

This means that the units achieve full capacity at wind speeds of only 25 metres per second and at this level of wind, the turbine speed achieves its maximum rotational speed, and this rotor speed is not exceeded, even in severe storm conditions. TheRidgeBlade® has been successfully tested in over 100mph winds in both wind tunnel and installed locations.

The low-profile, self-regulating and “planning-friendly” design features make RidgeBlade® ideal for commercial and urban areas that often produce turbulent winds.

Are You In Optical Location?

Are You In A Optimal Location?

Contact a member of our Accredited Partner Network to find out the average wind speed of your location and power output of your new RidgeBlade turbine system. All of our installation partners are equipt with the tools necessary to ensure you get the most from your investment.